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God’s Blueprint for Life

The Tabernacle of Moses is God’s blueprint for life.

By following God’s blueprint for life, you will be destined for greatness!

God's blueprint for life

God’s blueprint for life is seen in the Tabernacle:

1. The Tabernacle of Moses is a type of the true Tabernacle in heaven.

As such, the Tabernacle of Moses is the secret key to your success and the key to unlocking God’s blueprint for life. The fact that the tabernacle pattern is used by your divine personal life coach is now fully revealed for the first time. This secret was kept by God until now.

The secret is out. Finally, you can now know and understand God’s divine purposes for your life. The time has now come. Therefore, you can now live according to God’s blueprint for life while being directed by your divine personal life coach in heaven. This has always been God’s strategy. The key to this strategy is the use of the Tabernacle of Moses as God’s blueprint for life, containing His divine personal life coach training methods.

The co-walk website provides many details about the Tabernacle of Moses that might not easily be found elsewhere. Each part of the tabernacle is discussed, and the various pieces of tabernacle furniture are colourfully depicted. The more you study the Tabernacle, the better you will understand God’s blueprint for life and the better you will be able to live it.

2. The Tabernacle of Moses is a type of Christ, just as the armour of God is also a type of Christ. 

The Biblical guide to your success is to be found in the Tabernacle of Moses. The tabernacle is a picture of Jesus Christ. All our promises from God can only be fulfilled in Christ. Because the tabernacle depicts Jesus, it serves as God’s personal life coaching blueprint for our lives. Follow it, and you will be led to the fulfilment of God’s purposes.

3. The Tabernacle of Moses is a type of you as a believer and of your Christian walk towards your God-ordained destiny. 

Co-Walk Ministries provides leadership training that will take you closer to your godly purpose in life and your eventual destiny. You will greatly benefit from making God your divine personal life coach and having an intimate working knowledge of His personal life coaching blueprint. The Word of God states that His people perish because of a lack of knowledge. There are few things in life sadder than having God’s promise of prosperity and not obtaining it through ignorance. Being driven by a purpose will be of no avail if you don’t adhere to God’s personal life coaching blueprint.

Make God’s life coaching blueprint work for you.

You must activate it by entering into Christ, as depicted by the Tabernacle of Moses.

God has a plan for your life. Your key to success and prosperity is to flow with this plan. If you follow any other strategy for success, you will not experience the same degree of success
in your life. The secret to your success is to make God your divine personal life coach and to adhere to the guidelines of God’s personal life coaching blueprint.

As you proceed deeper into the Tabernacle (Christ), He will correspondingly clothe you with the armour of God.

My Blueprint for Life book series provides the keys to your success. They show the success stories of various biblical characters. Apart from this, they demonstrate how you can have that same success. Your success depends on making God your divine personal life coach and sticking to His life coaching blueprint. Then only will you attain God’s purpose for your life.

Study God’s personal life coaching blueprint for success and prosperity.

This is the most powerful tool to hit the church in a very long time. Not only can Christians now understand God’s personal life coaching blueprint for achieving His purpose in their lives, but they can also be equipped with the Armour of God at the same time.

To achieve God’s purpose, you must follow God’s process.

God wants you to be equipped with the Armour of God as you are directed by His life coaching blueprint toward His purpose for your life. He wants you to wear every single part of the Armour of God as much as He desires you to enter every room of the Tabernacle of Moses. Entering the Tabernacle speaks of entering into Jesus, and entering into Jesus is the only route to the promises of God in your life. If you want a life of success and prosperity, you have to find it in Jesus.

God hid His secret plans in the Tabernacle of Moses.

Only those willing to enter the purpose of God will be driven to the truths in life. The key to your divine prosperity and success in life is going through the Tabernacle of Moses which will lead you to your destiny of abundance. The strategy of applying the Tabernacle truths to your life will release God’s purpose-driven life and unleash His divine provision for your ultimate success and prosperity.

Father God also wove the armour of God and the Tabernacle of Moses intricately woven together with your destiny.

God’s plan for your life is linked to your adherence to His personal life coaching blueprint and your successful acquisition of all the pieces of God’s armour. Without the appropriate piece of the Armour of God, you will not be able to enter the next part of the Tabernacle of Moses.

Remember, God is on your side. He wants you to prosper.

Just as the enemy is driven to destroy your life, God is determined to give you success and prosperity.

Whatever purpose He has for your life, He will certainly bring it to a successful conclusion. For you to receive God’s provision, you have to plug into God’s methods. This means that you must follow your divine personal life coach and adhere to his personal life coaching blueprint. This is the key to lasting success and prosperity. If you do this, then God’s promise for your life will become a reality.

God’s strategy for your life is the only strategy that can promise ultimate success and prosperity.

Man’s methods and strategies are flawed because they don’t take God’s purpose for your life into account. If your purpose and God’s purpose for your life are in contradiction, the enemy will be drawn towards your life. As a result, you will experience conflict and confusion. On the other hand, if your purpose for your life is in harmony with God’s purpose, you will experience prosperity and abundance.

Follow the links on this website and prepare for an amazing journey as you follow your divine personal life coach. Every tool and resource you will need to help you in your quest to live according to God’s personal life coaching blueprint will be made available on this website.