Tuesday, July 23, 2024

About Co-Walk Ministries

The origin of this ministry

Co-Walk ministries started in 1993.  I was meditating on the pattern of the furniture in the tabernacle of Moses when the Word of God spoke to my heart. 

Through my studies on the tabernacle, I knew that Jesus had said:

“I am the way, the truth and the life, and no-one comes to the father, except through me.” (John 14:6)

I had also heard that the various entrances in the tabernacle were nicknamed “The Way”, “The Truth” and “The Life” respectively. This meant that anyone walking into the tabernacle by these three ‘doors’ would be getting closer and closer to father God.

Abraham, father of our faith So I got thinking. What if I could take the life of Abraham, who is the father of our faith, and see if I could match his progress in life with the furniture in the tabernacle of Moses? 

So I took pen and paper and opened my Bible, and started comparing the symbolic meanings of the furniture in the tabernacle with the historical facts of Abraham’s life. It kept me busy for quite a few hours.

So what was the result?

It was a match made in heaven!

Abraham’s life fitted not only to the pattern of the furniture in the tabernacle, but matched it chronologically step by step!

I also knew that the tabernacle, amongst other things, was a picture of Jesus. This means that as Abraham progressed, he was getting deeper and deeper into Jesus.


This is awesome!

As the years went by, the Lord progressively revealed to me more and more just how awesome this co-walk really is!

First of all, I learnt that when we put on the armour of God, we are actually clothing ourselves with Jesus.  That means that as Abraham progressed into the tabernacle, he was being clothed with God’s armour.

Secondly, I learnt that Abraham wasn’t the only person whose life fitted this blueprint. In fact, the lives of all the faith heroes mentioned in the Bible fitted the pattern of the furniture in the tabernacle. All I needed was enough information about their lives and I could prayerfully find a match.

Thirdly, I realized that God was systematically taking me personally on the same route. God’s blueprint for our lives is alive and active even today!

Fourthly, I got to understand that this walk is not just an ordinary walk from point A to point B. It is, in fact, a covenant walk! Covenants with God did not stop in the Bible!

Fifthly. This walk is for every believer. God wants to take your hand and walk with you to the point where He would cut a personal covenant with you. You only need to continue to believe.

This journey is too big to explain in just a few pages.

This site will provide you with my full-length training manual, explaining in detail:

  • what every step of God’s covenant walk consists of,
  • what you should expect at each phase of your life and
  • what you should do in each phase in order to successfully continue towards your life’s destination.

Watch this space!

God Bless You!

Pieter de Waal